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The Girl, Stealing Dreams by Pavel Plamenev [3.36 Mb]
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I see you every day and it isn’t clear,
How can you be much lovelier than the bright moon?
And my heart stops beating every time you’re near
At the time when you smile, it’s so opportune.
Only YOU!

And here I stand still in the icy cold weather.
My thoughts are scattered, the words aren’t in sync…
And I know for sure that we will never be together.
And this night again I hardly slept a wink!
Could not think!


And Knowing it all
I’ll wait for dawn
And maybe you won't remember me...
So cozy and warm,
Bright ray in the hall
The girl who steals my dreams.
The girl who is stealing my...

The stars in the sky seem to be a bit lower.
You sleep and you see sweet and beautiful dreams.
And I don’t sleep, think of how to get closer
Closer for us to be a part of the spring stream
My youth spring stream.

I can dream of you, till the end of time...
But there's a fire in you, that’s burning with love!
And I know for certain that you love some guy,
But God damn, it’s a pity that I’m not the one!
Not the one!

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